Hello all! The women’s club volleyball welcomes everyone to the 2011-2012 club volleyball season. More info will be coming in the next few weeks, but for now if there are any questions, please feel free to e-mail the club at uwclubvolleyball@gmail.com.

Brigette, Katie, and Michelle


Season Update

So far, the women’s club team has competed in three tournaments.

The purple team has had a roller coaster season so far. After finishing 2nd at the Business Time Classic Halloween weekend, the team struggled to maintain consistency at the tournament at Eastern Washington the following weekend. However, the coach and players used it to pinpoint what needed to be worked on. The team struggled again this past weekend at the Holiday Hustle, finishing 2nd in silver bracket. However, no one is discouraged as there was obvious improvement in the areas the team had been working on since the last tournament. This tournament also provided a new set of things to continue to work on together.

The gold team has struggled to get consistent numbers at tournaments causing a tough tournament atmosphere for them, but that will not be the case in the upcoming quarter. As the younger team, they have a lot of things they are setting out to work on but have the athleticism and determination to continue to improve. They are looking forward to having an extended amount of time to work together before the next tournament at the end of January.

2010-2011 Season Is Approaching!

School starts next week which means volleyball is finally almost here! For both teams there will be two weeks of open-gym style practices followed by a week of tryouts. Those dates are:

Mens Open Gym Practices:
October 4th
October 6th
October 11
October 13

Mens tryouts:
October 18
October 20

Womens Open Gym Practices:
October 5th
October 7th
October 10th
October 12th
October 14th
October 17th

Womens Tryouts:
October 19th
October 21st
October 24th

All practices held in Gym C at the Ima. Weekday practices are 8:30-10:30 and Sundays are 6:30-8:30.