Mid Season Update

Hey Ladies, hope you’re all having a good winter break!  With fall quarter behind us, we’re getting into the core of our season, and tournaments are going to start happening a lot more frequently.  We have three PIVA tournaments left ahead of us, including championships, and it’s really important for us to transfer all the hard work we’ve done in practice these past few months into our game play and continue to kick butt!  Everyone should try to make it to the gym a few times over break, or even do some at home workouts, so that we can pick up right where we left off when we start back up again.  In addition to the PIVA tournaments, we have a couple of travel tournaments coming up as well.  The competition at these tournaments is going to be pretty stiff, and a lot tougher than what we’ve played against so far, but I know that we’re good enough to hang with the big dogs as long as we keep pushing ourselves and continuing to put in the hard work during practices.  A tentative schedule can be found under the link ‘2012-2013 Tournaments’ at the top of the page.  The schedule isn’t totally set in stone, but we just wanted to let you girls know a little bit of what’s to come in the remainder of our season.  Hope everyone continues to have a wonderful break, and we’ll see you all when the quarter starts again!

-Bella Licciardi

Club Secretary 


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